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Colleyville, Texas is a beautiful place to live and enjoy. Whether you’re raising a family, a working professional, or retiring, Colleyville has something to offer for everyone. Colleyville is located near Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport so it makes it very easy to travel or have visitors come to you. The schools in Colleyville are extremely well regarded. The city is mostly served by the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District (GCISD). High school students attend either Colleyville Heritage or Grapevine High School depending on their proximity to either school.

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Colleyville is an extremely active area with its trails, parks and fitness facilities. The city is quaint at 13 square miles and onlyColleyville, TX homes for sale13 square miles, but it includes 13 parks, 15 miles of trails and no buildings over three stories. It has a huge urban canopy as well which is a huge perk in this area. Trees and green space improve the air quality as well as making it aethestically pleasing.

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The city also has nine softball fields and numerous playgrounds. Colleyville’s City Park is a great place to find cyclists, walkers, runners as well as children at an amazing playground called Kidsville.

Purchasing a home in Colleyville, Texas is attractive for many reason, but one of it’s biggest draws is that it’s the areas healthiest neighborhood based on walking and biking trails, pollution, exercise facilies and the availability of healthy foods.

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